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Shrooq Pharmaceutical is one of the fastest growing Pakistan based Pharmaceutical Company. It is established in 1999 as marketing company. After establishing marketing all over the Pakistan based pharmaceutical Company. It is established in1999 as marketing all over the Pakistan, we started our own manufacturing plant in Lahore (Pakistan). today, Shrooq Pharmaceutical products are accessible to million of patients in & outside of Pakistan.

Shrooq Pharmaceutical has been setting the standards of excellence in pharmaceutical manufacturing & providing quality products & services to its client across the country. Its rapid growth within short period is reflecting the faith & confidence of medical profession on its products.

Shrooq Pharmaceutical core business activity is pharmaceutical formulations which includes product development, manufacturing & marketing. Our products range exceeds over 55 in the form of capsules, tablets, syrups, dry powder suspensions, drops, gels, ointment,

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